What I want to see with ‘Formula One online catalogue’

For those in the UK we have been used to the great iPlayer over the last few years to be able to watch live, and reliably stream races if missed on the Sunday. The move to Channel 4 brings their version, All4, which just isn’t as good as the BBC’s version.

To bring it back slightly we have a new online platform offered by FOM, which includes both iOS and Android apps as well as an online subscription system.

At the moment this only does live timing and audio output from each race, but why does it not include an achieve of former races. It can be understood that the broadcasters should take president at the moment as they have the rights to show the races like, but the next logical step for the online service to take is a catch-up service.

I’m not saying this should be free either, yes there should be a charge to this. There could be a real value to hosting a back catalogue of Grand Prix for race fans to browse. This could also be curated to top picks or selections coinsiding with a race weekend.

The world is moving to streaming, that is already happening. Even Jeremy Clarkson’s new show is going to be on Amazon Prime, and many a hit series have make their debut on an online platform. We are there, and sports will be next. Yes, there is a belief that Sports are generally watched on a TV. However, again that is changing with a number of sporting events now stream via the internet – especially in the states.

A Formula One app on Apple TV, Roku or Amazon Fire makes sense then. Have access to heritage footage, as well as streaming current events, with the option of playback and for the ability of it not being geolocked. Although Sky has just recently signed for another few years in the UK, this will be the future and will open up the sport to a new generation of fans, yes a new generation!

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