‘Verstappen’ blocking rule to be scrapped

The ‘Max Verstappen’ rule has been scrapped before the start of the 2017 season, brought in last season to kerb erratic and dangerous defensive moves in braking zones.

Although spectacular for fans to watch last year, Max Verstappen’s defensive driving was brought under question towards the end of last season when some deemed it as being dangerous. Previously it was accepted that you could only make one move in the braking area, to defend a line, but there were doubts that Verstappen completely adhered to that. That was then strengthened to a driver having to make avoiding action at the United States Grand Prix last October.

Formula One Race Director Charlie Whiting has confirmed that the Verstappen rule has now gone, and has been replaced by a broader ruling that if a driver ‘moves erratically or goes unnecessarily slowly or behaves in a manner that could endanger another driver’, there will be an investigation.

The new rule will in turn be easier to inforce as only dangerous moves will be investigated, the broader set of regulations making it easier for the stewards to decide on a ruling rather than a rigid regulation, with the intention that they will be able to let the drivers race.

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