United States GP

United States Grand Prix

Suzuka was another nail in the coffin for Lewis Hamilton for the 2016 World Championship, or at least we thought that with four races left this season. Yes, there are just four races left this season, with Hamilton currently trailing Nico Rosberg by 33 points, that is over a race victory away.

The thing is, you should never rules anything out in this sport before it is mathematically impossible to win, as there is always a chance of an update. What we do know though is it will be another double world championship winning year for Mercedes, having taken the crown in Japan and the drivers sufficiently away from the rest of the friend to make sure they cant be caught over the next four races.

Momentum is a big word inn Formula One and in the second part of this season it has certainly been with Rosberg after a mid-season renaissance from Hamilton. Once that has slipped away it is very hard to regain, and some of those have mistakes by Hamilton. Having a public spat with the media also isn’t a clever move, especially with the ‘older market’ which Formula One is said to attract! Anyway, America should be a good event for Hamilton in what is essentially his second, or maybe even third home – depending on what you constitute as a home!

We head to prime time for the European audiences for the next three events, so it is a good time to show off some great racing, if that is possible and that needs both Mercedes drivers to perform and the chasing pack to be even closer.

Pieces also fell into place this week lower down the grid, with the announcement that Nico Hulkeberg would be making the move to Renault. That is an interesting move for the highly rated German who was very close to getting a Ferrari seat and has often been the nearly man. He is betting on a McLaren style return for the team, and given the engine is now much better, movement up the grid can’t be underestimated. The second seat is still up in the air though, with Kevin Magnussen already talking to Force India he can’t feel that secure in the team, with Esteban Ocon also a question mark. Maybe they could get Valtteri Bottas from Williams, or go down another path with a driver like Pierre Gasly in a deal with Red Bull?

This should be a great weekend, and with the rains of 2015 they need to ‘Shake It Off’ and put on a great show.

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