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Top teams take different options for Spa tyre choices

The three top teams have all taken a different tyre strategy for the Belgian Grand Prix at the end of the month, a track in which you can experience many different seasons in a single weekend.

Pushing against the trend this season to take the most of the softer of the three compounds on offer, Mercedes have instead shied away from the supersoft option, only taking four sets for each driver. From there Rosberg and Hamilton take slightly different paths, with Rosberg taking one extra set of the medium tyres and Hamilton an extra set of the soft. Mercedes have often slightly varied the strategy between the two drivers throughout this season.

Ferrari on the other hand are only taking one set of the medium tyre, a familiar choice so far this year. Both drivers also have a choice of five soft and seven supersoft tyres.

Red Bull are taking four sets of the medium, aligned more with Mercedes, but taking fewer soft, only three for each driver while keeping six sets of the supersoft. Manor and McLaren also have gone down the same path as Red Bull and Mercedes while Sauber have followed close partner Ferrari with only one set of the medium.


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