Teams agree to raise fuel limit for 2017

The Formula One teams have agreed that for 2017 there should be a change in the fuel limit used for a race, given the new technical regulations for the season which will require more fuel.

Revised technical regulations for the 2017 season will see cars with a wider track, wider tyres and more downforce from larger wings, inducing more drag and therefore needing more fuel. Currently the limit is set at 100kg, but that will be increased to 105kg to reflect the draggier cars. It has already been given the go-ahead by the F1 commission and the World Motor Sport Council, and is written into the regulations for next year.

“No car is permitted to consume more than 105kg of fuel, from the time at which the signal to start the race is given to the time each car crosses the Line after the end-of-race signal has been given.

“Other than in cases of force majeure (accepted as such by the stewards of the meeting), any driver exceeding this limit will be excluded from the race results.”

Image via Manor Racing

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