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Suspicions Red Bull teams are using trick to reduce tyre pressures

Rumours have been doing the rounds in Barcelona that some teams could be using a trick to reduce the somewhat high tyre pressures mandated by Pirelli, originally brought in for safety.

Auto Motor und Sport in Germany have claimed that McLaren have already written a letter to the FIA for a clarification in the rules. They believe that they are running a double-walled rim on the wheel which can release pressure when on track, which the FIA have confirmed is illegal. Pirelli and the FIA have noted that two teams have been running pressures 2psi lower than others while on track.

Both Mercedes and Force India have ruled themselves out, the championship leading team suggesting the side effects could be too great for such a system, while Force India have stated that it is too expensive for them to consider.

It was reported that it was discussed with Charlie Whiting on Wednesday, and a possible enforcement on minimum tyre pressures while the car is running could happen.

Image via Red Bull Racing

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