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Stunning Toro Rosso completes 2017 launches

It has been a marathon week as far as car launches go, but Toro Rosso was the final team to show off their 2017 at a launch in Barcelona on Sunday evening.

The stunning new colour scheme on the Toro Rosso, which will also be handed down to the junior ranks is a marked change from the familiar dark blue since the inception of the team.

After a year away from the sister Red Bull’s engine supplier Renault after a public spat saw them defect to year old Ferrari engines last season, Toro Rosso are back on the map with a current specification Renault engine for 2017.

James Key, the teams Technical Director said, “From the chassis side, I’d say more than that. In my 20 years in F1 it’s the biggest chassis change I can remember.

“In ’98 the narrow track had just arrived and there were various tweaks up to 2009, when a larger change occurred, but other than the front wing it was still based around principles that we knew.

“These rules however, include a track change, significantly different tyres and a new aero regulation as well. From a chassis point of view it’s all encompassing with a lot of new things to learn.”

Despite being held back with the Ferrari engine, the Toro Rosso chassis was heralded as being one of the best in 2016, which helped them in the latter end of the season as engine developments from Honda and Renault put them under pressure.

As with Red Bull, the driver line up remains the same with Carlos Sainz Jr and Daniil Kvyat back at the team, although as ever with their driver development programme, GP2 Champion Pierre Gasly is waiting in the wings.

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