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Split tyre strategies for the Singapore Grand Prix

Once again teams have taken slightly different approaches to tyre strategies for the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix in just over ten days time.

Pirelli will be taking the soft, supersoft and ultrasoft tyre to the streets of Singapore, and teams have decided to attack the weekend from different angles. At the front of the field Mercedes have gone for quite a conservative approach, taking comparatively more sets of the harder soft compound. Force India, who are usually light on their tyres also went for the same approach either taking three or four of those sets rather than the usual one or two. It does suggest that during qualifying they will try and set a time on one of the harder compounds.

Ferrari on the other hand have gone the other way, along with their engine customer Haas taking nine set of the ultrasoft tyre and effectively shunning the soft. Red Bull have taken a middle ground and are taking more sets of the red marked supersoft tyre.

The unique challenge of Singapore, one of the toughest and longest races on the calendar under the lights means the majority of the running takes place at night which favours the softer compounds.


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