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Sebastian Vettel names new Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel has named his new Ferrari, Margherita, following his tradition of naming his car with ‘girls names’, something he started at Toro Rosso.

We had Kinky Kylie, Abbey, Hungry Heidi, Julie, Suzie, Randy Mandy and Luscious Liz, and now we have Margherita, and although there are more than one Margherita, he confirms it’s not named after a pizza or a cocktail.

After being questioned about it in the drivers press conference in Melbourne on Thursday, although didn’t confirm why they settled on Margherita:

Sebastian Vettel: It’s not named after a pizza. It’s a name, first of all. So, I think…
Daniel Ricciardo: What’s it called?
Sebastian Vettel: Margherita.
Daniel Ricciardo: It’s a cocktail!
Sebastian Vettel: I think if you look up, the first thing that comes it is that it’s a name, not a pizza.

Why Margherita then?
Daniel Ricciardo: Because it’s a pizza!
Sebastian Vettel: No, because it’s a drink! No, various reasons. We like the name. Every year we give the car a name. Last year Eva, this year Margherita. We’re happy with that.

The naming of his cars goes back to 2008 at Toro Rosso with the name Julie, and is something he has carried through his Formula One career.

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