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Sauber not backtracking on 2017 engine option

Monisha Kaltenborn has refuted claims that the team are backtracking on claims that running a previous generation engine will create a two tier formula.

Sauber have already announced they are to take the 2016 Ferrari engine for next season, after a year of upheaval before being bought out by investors earlier this season. As Renault experienced this season, next year will be a year of rebuilding for the team, and as they have experience with the design they are sticking with it for another season.

Toro Rosso had the 2015 Ferrari engine this season, which hasn’t held them back until the last few races, although it is believed they have a very good chassis which has negated some of that deficit to the top teams.

Talking in the press conference on Friday, Kaltenbord said: “It’s no change of heart at all. I think you’re comparing apples with oranges because what was said at that time was within the discussions we were having regarding the reduction of the engine price as such.

“A couple of the smaller teams wanted the engine prices to be reduced – that was a target set by the FIA and the Commercial Rights Holder. In that discussion, from the manufacturers side, the argument was raised that if can’t basically afford it or don’t want to afford the engine, you could go for another engine, and amongst all the smaller teams there was unanimous agreement that that’s not the way we want to go, if it’s a question of your own choice that’s a different story.

“But we didn’t want that from the beginning a system like this as set up. As I said, regarding our decision now: this is not at all financially driven. This is technically driven and we think it’s the right way ahead for us.”

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