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Rosberg admits Barcelona mistake, but moves on

Nico Rosberg has confirmed that it was his mistake that put his car into the derate mode at the start of the Spanish Grand Prix ten days ago.

Rosberg had started from second, but had the better getaway to overtake his teammate into the first corner, but with the car in the wrong engine mode going up the hill Hamilton pounced. As we know, it didn’t end well with both Mercedes drivers out of the race.

Talking in the drivers press conference in Monaco on Wednesday Rosberg said, “Because it was in the wrong position. It’s my job to put it in the right position and that’s it. Pretty simple. Not much more to say with that.

“In terms of formation lap and start, it’s the same as always. Of course you need to think about what you’re doing.

“There’s a lot going on and that’s it. You need to come up with ways of making sure that everything is done properly. That’s it.”

He also confirmed that the accident in Barcelona is now a thing of the past, although has revealed little on his current relationship with Lewis, “I don’t know about experience playing into this, but for sure yeah it’s now a thing of the past, not thinking about it anymore.

“We’ve been through it and now looking forward. Just concentrating on Monaco and I want to try to win here and that’s that.”

Nico Rosberg is going for his fifth win in six races this weekend at what is home race for the German.

Image via Nico Rosberg

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