Renault’s Infinti and beyond…

While we have seen reports over the last few days about the drivers and possible personnel at the newly reformed Renault team, little has been leaked about the rebranding of the whole outfit from Lotus.

With Renault coming back into the sport as a works team, it takes the works engine deal away from Red Bull who will be rebranding their supply TAG in the final year of their contract. Also leaving Red Bull in the deal is the Nissan owned high-end manufacturer Infinti who have enjoyed a lot of brand exposure over the last three years as title sponsor of the team, including the final year in which they won both the drivers and constructors championships.

f1i has reported that Infinti is in line to be a highlight brand for Renault on their car, although Renault will remain as the umbrella name. Alpine had also been suggested, but Infinti have a much larger market, with potentially higher revenue for the manufacturer. As they are looking to get a maximum return, promoting other brands within the group looks to be a smart move.

If Infinti is onboard as a high level sponsor, maybe we could be seeing a yellow and purple car instead of the classic, but jaded yellow and black scheme we last saw half a decade ago. I would certainly like to see some variety, and yellow and purple would be very different for Formula One.

Image via Red Bull

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