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Renault struggle with ‘all new’ engine

The spotlight has been on Honda over the past two weeks in winter testing, but it isn’t just the Japanese manufacturer which has been struggling with their 2017 engine, Renault have also had problems of their own with a number of failures.

After falling behind Mercedes and Ferrari in 2014 and 2015, Renault renewed their commitment to the sport last season investing in their own team once again. Although a rebuilding year, the 2017 engine was promised to be better, although this winter has so far proved to be unreliable.

Renault had to swap out the engine on Tuesday, while they and Red Bull have also had ERS problems over the last week – which were seen on the dyno, but were highlighted even more during testing. Toro Rosso also had similar problems in their secret shakedown/testing day for their launch which curtailed their running.

Renault engine chief Remi Taffin said, “We have a completely new power unit for 2017 and we have been mileage-limited with an element on the ERS side this week. We saw some similar issues in development on the dyno, however testing on track has magnified this.

“Fixes are already underway and we expect to have them in place for Melbourne so we achieve the appropriate level of reliability for the start of the season, however this has impacted on our running here in Barcelona.”

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