Pirelli confirm tyre deal up to 2019

Pirelli have confirmed they have signed up to supplying Formula One for at least the next three seasons, confirming a deal which has been a year in the making.

The Italian tyre manufacturer had been slowing in confirming the deal after concerns on testing, which has been heavily reduced over the last few seasons. However, with a concession to Pirelli to develop the new generation specification of tyres for next season they were last month given a life line.

Pirelli will be given 25 testing days over a wide variety of cars from 2012 up to 2015, with Ferrari already testing for the brand at their home in Italy with test driver Jean-Eric Vergne. Wider tyres and different compounds from the current generation tyres following a considerable increase in downforce were the reasons behind the need for testing, with development needing to be complete by the end of the year.

Pirelli’s Roberto Boccafogli said: “For Pirelli it means a big satisfaction of course. As we can imagine it is the final step of a very long path. We know already for quite a long time that we are remaining in Formula One for the next three years, but when it gets ‘officialised’ by the FIA it gets really true. Now it is.

“We found a very good agreement, a very good collaboration. Everybody knows that next season many new things will be happening in Formula One from the technical point of view and also many modifications are very strongly related to the new tyres for next year. We are ready to start our job, which is a very important job for next season.”

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