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Pirelli announces tyre compounds for Australia and China

We might not have reached the end of 2016 yet, but Formula One tyre supplier Pirelli has announced which compounds they will be taking to the first two Grand Prix in Australia and China.

As we saw in 2016, Pirelli will be taking three compounds to each race weekend, with each team deciding how many of each compound they use in advance for each race. As previously, each driver much have at least one of each compound out of the thirteen sets.

The streets of Melbourne will see the softest combination in the range – Ultra Soft, Super Soft and Soft, which is a step softer than we saw in 2016. China will see the Super Soft, Soft and Medium combination, again with teams selecting within the range.

A dramatic change in technical regulations for next season see significantly wider tyres, with 25% more surface to the tarmac. Together with wider cars and more downforce, it is hoped lap times will be reduced by four to five seconds a lap.

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