Pirelli abandon prototype tyre until 2017

Pirelli have abandoned the prototype tyre they were hoping to introduce at the Malaysian Grand Prix after inconsistencies were found during testing.

The tyre manufacturer had brought the tyre construction to both the recent Grand Prix in Belgium and Italy, where teams were given an extra tyre to test on Friday morning. Feedback from the teams though cited a lack of grip and Pirelli’s Mario Isola confirmed it would not be introduced this season.

“We have analysed all the datas and unfortunately we have some inconsistency across the teams,” said Isola on Friday.

“The feedback was not the same for all the teams so we have decided to keep the current specification until the end of the year. I want to reiterate the fact that the current specification is safe.”

2017 is a big year for Formula One, returning to high downforce and cornering speed which is a new challenge for Pirelli, who have been testing throughout the summer with the new wider tyres to be introduced next season. They have already said that these will be more durable, and will a stronger construction to deal with the higher cornering speed.

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