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Perez 1.8 kilos overweight for start of F1 season

Sergio Perez has revealed that he is over the weight limit set by the team for the start of the 2017 season, just as new aero regulations are introduced which makes the cars harder to drive.

We have seen in seasons gone by often extreme ways for drivers to achieve their lowest weight possible for a race. Back then, the drivers weights were critical given the lower total car weight which gave a large advantage to smaller and therefore lighter drivers. Since then the car weights have increased, narrowing that gap between the smaller, lighter driers and those who are taller like Esteban Ocon or Nico Hulkenberg.

However, the question of weight is still on the agenda as drivers have undergone intense training this winter in preparation for the higher loads expected this season following the aero changes. Cornering speeders are going to be substantially higher, with high g-forces requiring more fitness from the drivers.

Talking to the Telegraph newspaper though, Sergio Perez has revealed that his is 1.8 kilos over the 11 stone limit imposed by the team, “I had to train harder than ever in pre-season, especially in the neck and the core,” he said. “These are cars that lift drivers to their best. They take so much out of your body.”

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