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No news is bad news in case of Manor

Although work has stopped at the Manor team for the start of the season, with many of the staff now finding employment with other teams and in Formula E, consistent suggestions of a buyer are still floating around with time running out before the start of the season.

It isn’t like the team has been here before. Only two years ago did Manor find themselves in this position only just making it to Australia before finding the Ferrari software had been wiped and were unable to race. Despite that they fought on and managed to get the cars to run at the very next race in Malaysia, in what turned out to be a very reliable season for them with year-old Ferrari engines.

According to the Manor Fan Blog,tThe failure to agree terms with a buyer over the winter has put the team into a similar position for 2017, although consistently stating a possible sale to CGF. Even if there was a deal to buy the team it would likely be 2015 all over again barely making it to the first race, possibly with a cobbled together 2016 car, despite already showing off the 2017 design online.

With only six weeks to the first race of the season, time is running out for the team to get to Australia, that is if a deal should ever come about.

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