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No change for Hamilton if he loses World Championship

Lewis Hamilton has reiterate that he doesn’t plan to change if he wins the World Championship this season, to instead focus on the upcoming campaign in 2017.

The three time champion has received a number of setbacks this season, some through a higher level of unreliability over his teammate, and some of his own doing like the poor starts in the second half of this season which has handicapped his results. That aside, he isn’t reflecting on the past, but the future and will brush the season aside if he doesn’t claw the 33 points back in the last four races this year.

Talking in the press conference, he confirmed: “I don’t plan on taking any sabbaticals. If I stop, I stop, that will be the plan.

“And, what was the other one? Oh. Try to take it like a man. It is… you can’t win them all. Look at all the world championships in the past who’ve won championships and lost championships, it is part of the game.

“I am in the position right now where there are still a lot of points available so I’m going to give it everything I’ve got and still have the belief that anything is possible – but then I’ll move on.

“Once it’s decided and it happens, all I can do about it is shape the future, which is the next year. So, life will move on, we’ll go into next season and hopefully come back stronger.”

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