No agreement of 2017 engine regulations

An agreement on the regulations for next season have still not been reached, even after another meeting yesterday at Biggin Hill with an end of month deadline looming.

A desire for cars to be faster and ‘more exciting’ for 2017 has led to a new set of rules for next season. Despite a backlash from Mercedes who believe that the current specification of car is fine given the good racing we have seen in the first four Grand Prix this season, the majority have push through plans to make the cars significantly faster. A wider chassis and more downforce is on the cars, along with wider Pirelli tyres which the company has gained approval for more testing. The design of the cars is there effectively a ‘done deal’, although concerns from drivers suggest the new regulations could make it harder than ever to overtake.

The current sticking point is around engines and the problems which have been faced in the past couple of seasons. Cost, availability, noise and performance convergence are all on the table as problems. Not gaining enough support on the current proposals, it will go to a fax vote at the end of the week in order to make the April 30 deadline.

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