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New front wing for Bahrain, but eyes on 2017 for Renault

Given the late deal for the former Lotus team to be taken over by Renault, it was a race against time to get a car ready for the 2016, fitting the Renault engine back into their car.

With many similar themes to the 2015 car, Renault brought a prototype front wing to the Australian Grand Prix which they ran with Kevin Magnussen and will be available for both drivers in Bahrain next week.

“We brought a prototype front wing to Melbourne that Kevin used and it appears to have lived up to expectations. It will be on both cars in Bahrain,” Renault Technical Chief Bob Bell confirmed.

“In the first half of the year we will concentrate on the engine and have a normal development programme for the chassis.

“We will have the standard aero developments from race to race, as everyone will do, then have the complex mechanical items that will come through when we get into the European testing programme.”

Heading to 2017 where there will be a new set of technical regulations aimed at making the cars faster, a compromise will have to be made.

“I think we have a credible plan to advance the car but obviously we have to balance what we want to do next year versus our aspirations for this year.”

Image via Renault Sport

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