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Mercedes is still the target maintains Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel is clear that Mercedes is still the target after a more than disappointing Spanish Grand Prix, in which the team fell behind Red Bull.

Ferrari earlier in the season looked like they would be on terms with Mercedes by this point in the season, but the gap has been growing, with an ever more dominant Mercedes at the top of the standings. Although early in the season, it looks like they are already out of the constructors championship, and the drivers championship will be a challenge to turn it around.

Talking in the drivers press conference on Wednesday, Vettel said: “I think our aim is still looking forward and in that regard our aim is Mercedes. I think in Barcelona we had a bad Saturday, which explained the difficult race on Sunday, I terms of raw speed we should have been ahead but we weren’t.

“I said on the day well done to them and in particular to Max, but we move on. I think we have a strong package. We do have new bits here and there, so I think we obviously as I said want to make progress and want to make sure we close the gap to Mercedes rather than looking at what’s going on behind.

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