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McLaren/Apple deal was real, just not realised

A possible purchase of McLaren by Apple had been suggested earlier this season, with the acknowledgement coming this week by the team that a meeting did take place between the two technology players.

Apple was in the headlines of the sport a lot earlier this season, firstly as a possible buyer of the sport which later went to Liberty Media and then the focus changed to McLaren whose automotive division would be interesting for the American technology giant when heading into new markets such as car industry.

Mike Flewitt, the CEO of McLaren Automotive confirmed to Reuters this week that talks did take place, “There wasn’t a bid from Apple. They visited. We talked. We talked about what they did. We talked about what we did. They toured.

“It never matured to a definitive proposition.”

As we thought, a number of other bids for the team had been put on the table, including one proposed by former CEO Ron Dennis which Chinese investment, linked to keeping him on the board.

“I am comfortable with where our current shareholders are that they want to retain ownership of the company… They want to develop both companies. I genuinely believe they are very committed to them.”

McLaren continues to struggle on track, despite having buoyant car sales, with Honda taking time to deliver a championship winning engine package for the Formula One team, and struggling with two former world champions in the car.

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