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This year it was significant, it was the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500, the biggest race on the American sporting calendar which now really fills up the whole of May featuring the race course race followed by the big race on Memorial weekend.

It went through a period of difficulties, but after a resurgence the Indycar series is now back on a more level footing and that was backed up by the 350,000+ crowd at the motor speedway. A full 33 car grid also has some of those famous names which head back into a more rosy past – Andretti, Rahal, Brabham; as well as the old hands of Juan Pablo Montoya, Tony Kanaan and Seasbtien Bourdais.

After a race which looked like that it could have gone to part-timer Townsend Bell, a fuel mileage shortage at the end of the race forced the field to pit – that was all apart from Manor Racing reserve driver Alexander Rossi. With him extremely tight on fuel, he toured at a reduced speed to get him to the end of the race, even with the pack behind him closing in at a rate of knots.

Even with the car on the brink of slowing, the Californian made it over the line just in time, with the pack just four seconds behind. Quite an astonishing feet considering the lack of experience the American has had on oval circuits with much of his racing career in Europe.

It really goes to show that if you work hard enough to get something that you can always get there in the end, no matter the setbacks.

Image via Indycar

He posted on social media after the race to thank everyone for their support, “There are few words to truly describe how I’m feeling right now. We rolled the dice and came through and made it happen. This is unbelievable; I have no doubt it’s going to change my life. But we did it, and I have to say a huge heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported me – my incredible family, Michael, Bryan and my amazing team, my phenomenal partners who have put so much belief in me, and every single person who has supported me to this point.

Thank you.”

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