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Lewis Hamilton takes aim at sharing data with teammates in Formula One

Lewis Hamilton has once again gone on the attack of sharing data within teams to teammates, one the eve of starting a new championship year with a brand new teammate in the form of Valtteri Bottas.

The three time World Champion has become frustrated that any advantage that he can find personally within the car, can be easily used on the sister car bringing an unfair level playing field.

In a UBS Question and Answer session, Hamilton revealed his thoughts about sharing data with his teammate.

“I go out, do my laps, do all my homework – the other guy can see everything,” Hamilton said.

“I have asked my team: ‘I don’t want to see my teammate’s [data]’. I don’t feel it’s fair that he brings his A-game and I should be able to study his A-game on a computer.

“The other driver naturally may be able to do more or less than you are. But because of this data they can just copy you. They should be able to go out there on their own and find it all themselves without you.

“He’s braking five metres later there, I’ll go out and I’ll try braking five metres later. If I can’t do it on my own then I’m not good enough and I don’t deserve to be there. And there are some drivers that don’t.”

It brings into focus the tight battle he had with Nico Rosberg last season, which ultimately saw the German win the World Championship through poor reliability on Hamilton’s side in the early part of the season. The sharing of data and swapping of engineers led to conspiracy theories in order for Rosberg to win the title, despite the team playing that down.

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