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Kimi not satisfied with Ferrari performance

He might have scored more points so far this season than he did in the whole of last, and he might be ahead of Sebastian Vettel in drivers championship, but Kimi Raikkonen is not satisfied with the performance of Ferrari this season.

It looked like the season would be good for Ferrari. They impressed during winter testing where many thought they were taking glory runs at times, but that transferred through to the first few races, and really they should have won in Australia. A poor strategy decision cost them the win that day, but the performance has been slipping away from them, including two wins to their rivals Red Bull who have now overtaken them in the Constructors Championship.

Kimi, as is his usual self couldn’t be pleased in any event, “I think it’s a bit difficult to be satisfied with where we are right now. Obviously we want to be in better places, fight in the front, but this is what we have right now.

“We always try to do our best but obviously the places where we’ve been recently are not, for sure, where we want to be as Ferrari, but we have to keep working and giving our best and hopefully, sooner rather than later we will be up there.”

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