How an aggregate qualifying would work

The proposal put forward for consideration over the next few days is a new aggregate system based on the three sector qualifying.

The three sector qualifying would remain, with a certain number of drivers dropped in Q1 and Q3, leaving a shoot out at the end.

The difference comes that instead of being based upon one lap, the fastest that the driver makes in that session, it will be made up of two laps.

There are pros and cons with this. It will be more difficult for fans to understand, especially at the end of Q3 to work out if a hot lap is good enough for pole, or at the end of sessions where cars are on the bubble of going out.

A aggregated system also rewards consistency rather than just one hot lap – this also works both ways. If a driver makes a mistake on one lap, it is harder for him to recover from that, while it could also mean that a mistake is less costly, and therefore not jumbling the grid as Ecclestone is looking for.

My preferred option is for the fastest time of each driver to be dropped, which would be more costly for drivers if they make a mistake

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