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Hamilton fastest on opening day of testing

Lewis Hamilton was the fastest on the opening day of testing in Barcelona, on a day which saw the cars run for the first time at speed under the new aero regulations.

Williams had also held the top place for some of the day, along with Ferrari as they had decent reliability, a theme for the opening day.

It would be a day of struggles for McLaren, sidelined for much of the day with an oil system problem. Fernando Alonso managed just a handful of laps, with a full fix being implemented overnight.

Red Bull also had their own problems, the first time to stop on the track, which was confirmed as a sensor issue.

With the test just a day old, the teams were already cranking out the updates. Following the lead of Mercedes, a number of teams brought their own design of the ‘T-Wing’. Haas had theirs mounted to the shark fin, along with Williams who had actually designed two – one higher and one lower.

Mercedes didn’t disappoint either and brought their own version of the shark fin, while Red Bull turned heads with the ‘hole in the nose’, as spotted in their promotional video. Toro Rosso’s fan favourite new colour scheme also made its debut, a striking new colour blue for the sister Red Bull team.

2017 is going to see a return to the aerodynamic development race, although a rock solid Mercedes, despite the excursion for Lewis Hamilton is still going to be a tough nut to crack.

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