Formula One isn’t about heritage, it is about the future

The thought of Monza dropping off the calendar brings tears to the eyes of many, but we shouldn’t be sad at the loss of a long standing fixture, we should be happy for the good times we’ve had and move on – that’s life.

Formula One should be about the futuristic technology, cutting edge with all the bells and whistles. It shouldn’t tamed to satisfy the few who either can’t or won’t adapt to the change, and that goes for the manufacturers as well. If the sport looses some due to this, then that is tough, there has to be a brand new path rather than walking down the old tired one with the same old excuses.

Money is a factor, and while you can’t have outlandish amounts of money being spent by the big manufacturers you still need them there, if nothing else then to supply engines. Would I be worried if Ferrari left, no not really.

Just because something has always been done in a certain way doesn’t mean that it is the right way now, or in the future. People have traditionally watched races on a television, but in five or ten years time that might not be the case. You might find people watch on even smaller screens such as their phones or tablets, or even in vitual reality such as the Hololens. What if we changed the format of the race weekend to two days and introduced more races, or increased the size of the grid by making entries easier to obtain.

The future is also mechanism for advances in safety, and while the halo concept has had mixed reviews it, or a very similar feature is bound to be introduced. While some might not like the look of it, due to making the traditional cars look ‘ugly’, its the future and we will get used to it.

So embrace the changes with a positive outlook, look fondly in the past and enjoy the present as you never know what will happen next.

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