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Ferrari request for Vettel’s Mexican penalty to be reviewed

Ferrari have asked the FIA to review the penalty given to Sebastian Vettel at the Mexican Grand Prix, where he was demoted from his podium position.

The German was given a penalty during the race, under a newly clarified rule, which was introduced to stop drivers changing direction in the braking zone. This was introduced after a number of suspect moves, taken especially by Max Verstappen in Hungary and Japan were deemed to be dangerous.

A statement by Ferrari asked for this to be reconsidered, “This has been the first application of Article 27.5 as interpreted on the basis of the race director’s notes on “defensive manoeuvres”, effective from the 2016 US Grand Prix.

“Scuderia Ferrari considers that a number of new elements have come to light after the decision was rendered that make the decision reviewable under Article 14.1 of the international sporting code.”

As the event is now in the past, the team knows that they can’t reclaim the position, but can work in any future ruling against them, “Scuderia Ferrari is aware that championship rankings will not change, regardless of the outcome. But in light of its importance as a precedent for the future, and in order to provide clarity in the application of the rules in future events, Scuderia Ferrari believes that the decision should be reconsidered by the stewards.”

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