Ferrari 2017 Preview

Ferrari have been the surprise of winter testing, but can they replicate this in the early past of the season and put pressure on Mercedes this year?

Following the Mercedes domination of the last three seasons, Ferrari have struggled. With so many changes at the famous team it was surprising they were so competitive through winter testing. Following the departure of James Allison earlier last year, the team went through a reorganisation, which the 2017 is the fruits of their labour and so far its seems to be doing the job.

It was expected that those who had the manufacturer backing would rise to the front of the field under the new hybrid engine regulations, but it really didn’t end up that way. Ferrari didn’t struggle as much as Renault, but they were behind and with a demotivated Fernando Alonso.

His replacement Sebastian Vettel has similar issues last year, frustrated at times in position where he ended up. It was really where he wanted to be, after losing form in his final season at Red Bull on the back of four world championships. His four letter outbursts though the year were amusement to viewers, but highlighted the problems he faces.

On the other hand, Kimi Raikkonen had a better season. In his twilight years in the sport he found speed where Vettel sometimes struggled, which gave him the option of staying for another season, despite a number of talented drivers looking at the team.

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