Hungarian GP

Facts on the Hungarian Grand Prix

The first of the ‘iron curtain’ races, which should have been held in Russia, although a deal to race there fell through. That gave the honours to Hungary who first held the race in 1986, and hasn’t missed a year since.

It has remained largely unchanged over the years, although the first corner has been made tighter, and the final chiance at the end of the lap removed, all aimed at better overtaking. That is something which is really difficult at the Hungargoring – overtaking! A tight and twisty track, often said to be ‘Monaco without the walls’, overtaking possibilities are limited really to the first corner, and even then it can be quite difficult. It has also been very kind to British drivers, with both Jenson Button and Damon Hill winning their first Grand Prix at the venue.


Most Number of Wins (Driver) – 4: Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher
Most Number of Wins (Team) – 11: McLaren
Fastest Lap – Michael Schumacher: 1:19.071 (2004)
Length – 2.722 miles
Number of Corners – 16

First Wins for: Damon Hill, Jenson Button, Heikki Kovalainen and Fernando Alonso

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