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Drives would like to assist with formation of regulations

Following the GPDA letter last week in which the drivers critsised the direction of Formula One, the drivers press conference on Thursday was a good opportunity for drivers to explain the position further, with Fernando Alonso, Nico Rosberg and Romain Grosjean all in agreement they would like to help with the development of the series.

First was Fernando Alonso, one of the elder statesmen having started his Formula One career at Minardi, “I think the letter says everything. We love the sport. We love it so much that maybe we think the last couple of years we’ve been a little bit moving left and right with not a clear direction and we want to help in any of the things the fans want, the drivers want, the sponsors want, that are quite clear in some of the things we’ve been searching in the last couple of years.

“Yeah, it’s just a letter of… a supporting letter from all of the drivers that we do care about our sport and we would like to get involved in some of the decisions or in some of the things that we could help somehow.

“It’s a start. It’s the way the sport is moving in the last couple of years, maybe we don’t see it completely right.

Confirming his stance, Nico Rosberg said, “Yes, we’re all united on this opinion because we love the sport and can see the fans are criticising some aspects that we could do better.

“We could be even more exciting as a sport and we want to question whether or not the F1 governance cannot review the process in which decisions are made in all these things to try to get it to a point where we can get some better decisions done and become a more exciting sport.”

He went into even more detail, even giving examples, “There’s recent examples, with this qualifying where the fans are just at home and they’re not happy with it. We’re racing for the fans. Mostly for the fans. That’s the examples that are now the recent cases.

“Even the rules for next year. We’re putting on more downforce although actually we should be trying to help overtaking. More downforce is known for making overtaking and following other cars more difficult.

“It’s not necessarily the right way. With all of these things we are saying that we would like to be more involved, have more of a say, us drivers – so let’s see where this takes us.

Known for his cheerful persona, Romain Grosjean wanted to do something for the love of the sport, “I think Fernando resumed it pretty well: he has broken ribs and he wanted to race because we love the sport.

“We are fans of Formula One. We want it to be the best that it can be with the best drivers, the best car, the best shows. As Nico says, right now the decisions haven’t been so good in terms of fans replies, or media or the sponsors. We just want to help the sport that we love more than anything.”

A number of drivers including Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are not members of the Grand Prix Drivers Association, chaired by former driver Alex Wurz.

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