Drivers want ‘better racing’ from Liberty Media purchase of Formula One

The announcement that Liberty Media was buying into Formula One pushed forward the notion that change was on its way, possibly without the leading circus master Bernie Ecclestone.

That change has been discussed in a number of different forms. Maybe we could see more races in America due to the new American owners pushing their new sport in what is their home market, a different strategy on marketing and social media, TV rights and where they could do in the future given a lot of share in Europe has been given to Sky. There is so much on the table, at a time where the sport is embarking on change again for the 2017, with new cars aimed at spicing up the action.

Talking in the drivers press conference on Thursday, the drivers agreed they were looking forward to the new owners pushing through ways of making the racing more exciting:

Sergio Perez
“I think I would love to see Formula One a lot closer, the competition a lot closer, closer teams, giving the midfield teams the opportunity to be capable of winning a race, fighting for titles. I think that would be just something great for the fans to see one race Williams on top, another race another team, that would just be very good and for that you need to change the system, how you divide the money because there’s obviously a massive difference, so I think that would be a very good thing for the sport.” 

Daniel Ricciardo
“Nothing springs to mind; obviously we always talk about bits and pieces but nothing, I guess, that anyone’s heard before. Saturday races, like a Saturday race as opposed to Sunday, just so we can plan a bigger night on Saturday. That would be good fun!”

Valtteri Bottas
“Yeah, I think we need to see first of all how next year is going to be with all the changes already fixed for next year with the new cars, bigger tyres, more grip. I think we need to see how it goes then.”

Felipe Nasr
“I would say a bit of what they have already said I agree with but I think the most important thing is to see closer competition between the cars, I think that’s what I hear from people or from fans – they always like to see more fighting on track between car, between teams. I think the closing line is what were looking for but also next year we have a big change in terms of the cars being different. I think everything will be a bit more aggressive in terms of the racing itself so let’s wait and see how it goes and we’ll take it from there.”

Jolyon Palmer
“Yeah, I would agree with these guys. I think the main thing is closer competition. At the moment, we turn up for a weekend and we pretty much know maybe it’s two, four, maximum six drivers can win the race but it would be nice to turn up here and think maybe, you know, Williams can win or maybe Force India or maybe someone can put in a big surprise. I think that’s the biggest thing which would change a lot of fan involvement and make it a lot more interesting to watch.”

Marcus Ericsson
“Not much to add, I agree with these guys: closer competition throughout the grid and more teams getting involved in race wins and podiums. I think that will make a big difference for the attraction to fans. That would be the biggest thing for me.”

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