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You shouldn’t throw stones in glass houses

He might have had a more than difficult start to the year, but after being demoted and then complained about by a number of drivers, you would have thought that the last thing a driver would do is complain about the organisation of the team.

Well, that is what dear Mr Kvyat has done, even after fellow drivers have labelled him ‘crazy’ and ‘losing his mind’. World Champions Sebastian Vettel, who had his own spat with the Russian driver at the Chinese Grand Prix, and Jenson Button have both criticised the Toro Rosso’s driving this season.

“I can’t wait to go to Canada because I was feeling a little bit helpless and it’s not a good feeling to be feeling helpless,” Kvyat said referring to problem at the start at the race when he was stuck in constant speed.

“It’s very painful when you lose the race before it starts, but we have to be strong because the car has really good potential.

“These small things that kill our potential – Carlos could score more points but he didn’t, so we need to have a good package. But we need to get our s**t together.”

After a clash in Monaco with Kevin Magnussen, the Russia will receive a three place grid drop in Canada. He also had points added to his licence, with him still slower than Carlos Sainz his teammate.

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