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Canada YES, Germany NO?

The shape of the 2017 Formula One World Championship calendar is yet to really take its full shape, with a number of question marks hanging over the twenty one dates earmarked for next season.

One of those is Canada, where there have been encouraging signs it will remain for 2017. Formula One boss has been disappointed at the development promised in Montreal, which was a prevision of the contract. Only this week promotor Francois Dumontier, confirmed “The only thing I can say is that it is imminent that we will announce that everything is OK and we will put our tickets on sale for next year’s race.

“We’re talking about long-term now because it’s easier when you have a long-term contract to work strategy and plan ahead. Discussions have been going on for a few weeks now, but it’s imminent that [the uncertainty that comes with short-term deals] will be behind us.”

That cant really be said of Germany. With the Nurburgring still off the scene, Hockenheim doesn’t believe that two consecutive races can financially work for them, with Bernie Ecclestone working on a plan to keep them for the 2017 season. He said on the Formula One website, “It seems that the promoter can’t make it financially viable. They cannot pay a fee, which is a very reduced fee that we’ve done for them.

“It is not fair that they should pay a fee which is a lot less than the other European venues pay. We are trying to keep all the Europeans at the same amount.”

Austin also looks set to remain in 2017 after a disastrous 2015 which effectively meant the event was a wash out. Bumper crowds this season, no doubt helped by Taylor Swift putting on a concert at the venue was a boost for the sport in the country.

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