Canadian GP

Button not expecting big points quickly

Jenson Button believes although McLaren have made steps forward, ‘big points’ are a way off following a double points finish in Monaco.

McLaren have been more competitive this season, with an updated and upgraded Honda power unit which is an improvement over last season both in terms of performance and reliability. A double points finish in Monaco, which is expected to be one of the better races of the season for the Woking based team wasn’t greeted all with smiles though, Fernando Alonso complaining that the balance of the car wasn’t great enroute to fifth.

When being compared to Felipe Massa who has scored points at every Grand Prix so far this season for Williams and is still looking for a large collection of points, Button confirmed that it would be a while before they were in the position to get the ‘big points’.

“For big points, I think it’s going to be a while before we’re actually going competitive enough to fight for big points, but we are making good progress,” said Button.

McLaren come to Canada with Honda spending two tokens on their turbo, while Mobil bring a new fuel.

“People would think that this isn’t a circuit that would suit our car, but it’s going to be alright. We’ve come here with some upgrades, which should help us. It’s not big but it should help us.

“We are very efficient in terms of our car. I know that Exxon Mobil had been working very hard with Honda with fuel. We have an upgrade here, which should help in that areas, so, yeah, we’re positive.”

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