Budapest replaces Silverstone for inseason test

Budapest will host the second inseason test this year after the date was moved from just after the British race a few weeks earlier to a new date in early August.

The FIA have announced that that move to Hungary on the 1st and 2nd of August, which replaces the familiar Silverstone date, will follow the same rules as in previous seasons. A condition of the group Formula One tests, of which there are now just two per season of two days, is that two of those days a ‘young driver’ must be in the car for two of those four days. A young driver has to have completed three Grand Prix or less.

It follows on from a group test just after the Bahrain Grand Prix, which will prove to be useful for Pirelli to calibrate their tyre compounds from winter testing.

Joining at the end of the season is another two day test in Abu Dhabi, aimed at evaluating tyre options for Pirelli and the teams in 2018, although the inseason Pirelli testing first pioneered in 2016 will continue through the season.

Winter testing starts in Barcelona on February 27th, with the second test following a week after. Both are the familiar four days in length.

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