Better head protection and faster tyres set for 2017

Better head protection and faster tyres are looking likely to be introduced for 2017, according to Alex Wurz.

The President of the Grand Prix Drivers Association (GPDA), has commented to the BBC that drivers are in support of an increase in head protection, while the drivers also feel that faster tyres will also make for much more of a spectacle.

Head protection in the form of a ‘halo’ has been put forward by the FIA, and the drivers support it, although after recent meetings in London and Milan have yet to be approved by the teams. A group of drivers including Sebastian Vettel and Valtteri Bottas have also met with Pirelli to discuss their favoured options with the tyres.

Wurz said to the BBC, “Obviously the drivers are happy that the technical team representatives agreed for the additional head protection to come in for 2017 following the drivers’ recommendation and the FIA research.”

Rules for the 2017 have to be agreed by the end of the month, with a meeting planned during the Barcelona test.

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