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Assurances from Red Bull brighten Ricciardo’s outlook

We could have seen a consecutive race win for Red Bull in Monaco, hot off the heals of the extraordinary victory for Max Verstappen in Spain. That would have been of course if Red Bull had not mess up the Australian’s pitstop, which saw Lewis Hamilton take the lead and therefore his first win of 2016.

Naturally disappointed at the end of the race, Ricciardo glum demeanour on the podium in Monaco said everything you needed to know about his race, which he had a commanding lead before the pitstop sequence. The Red Bull had been the fastest car, highlighted by pole position – the first for Renault in the new hybrid turbo era.

Following the team admitting mistake, after deciding to change the tyre compound as Ricciardo was approaching the pitlane after Lewis Hamilton had pitted, the unique layout of the Monaco garages caught them out leaving the Australian with no tyres in his pitbox.

He was cool though about the situation today, saying in the drivers press conference: “Yeah, I gave it a few days to cool off. I definitely felt after the race that I wasn’t in a place, probably no one was in a place to try to resolve what happened. For me it just get away for a few days and then address what happened once we’d cooled and settled.

“It was obviously important to hear the explanation but I think more important how to move on from it and how to make sure it doesn’t happen again. They’d done a lot of things since then back at the factory and they have set up some new parameters and things that will happen during pit stops and before pit stops to make sure that these things don’t happen again and to make sure that tyres are ready and that various compounds are ready at once.

“So, yeah, obviously from my said now I’ve moved on. It’s obviously good that they’ve… I knew they were going to take it seriously because it was obviously a big disappointment for all of us, but I’ve been assured that if we’re in that position again then it won’t happen, so that was obviously what I needed and what I wanted to hear.”

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