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Efforts still being made to keep Manor alive

Once again the Manor Racing Fan Blog has revealed some interesting information behind the scenes with what is happening with the sale of Manor. Although their sources believed that a sale was probable, it has been held back.

With Tavo Hellmund’s offer rejected of £22m, the leading and only real contender appears to be investment company CGF. The suggestion that there wouldn’t be enough funding for the season have been rebuffed, and their sources have confirmed that a group of ex-Manor staff are ready to return to work, free of charge if necessary to get the team on the grid in Melbourne if an arrangement could be made.

Interestingly enough, two drivers with no other arrangements for the 2017 are on standby to race for the team if a deal is reached that sees them on the grid in Melbourne. As we saw in 2015, it really is a case of making sure you get to the first race, whether you are ready to compete or not to show the commitment to racing, missing three races would see the termination of the entry which would spell the end of the team anyway.

Have a read of the article using the link above, its an interesting read.

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