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Alfa Romeo ‘B Team’ still a dream for Marchionne

The dream of Alfa Romeo reappearing in Formula One is a dream for Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne, but isn’t one that he doesn’t already have a plan for.

Rumours surfaced of a ‘Alfa Romeo’ team last winter in two different camps. One was the rebranding of the Ferrari engine for Toro Rosso, although that was on the back of the year old engine forced upon them after the Renault spat. The other was the financial troubles at Sauber, where an investment by Ferrari could have seen the operation rebranded as Alfa Romeo. With that opportunity now in the past, the dream is still there, but looking less achievable at the moment for Marchionne.

Speaking at the annual media lunch, he confirmed the ambition to revive the Alfa Romeo brand within the sport to bring on fresh new talent, including their new signing Antonio Giovanazzi.

“Alfa Romeo could become a fine breeding ground for young Italian drivers. The best one, Giovanazzi, is already with us, but there are others besides him and they are struggling to find a space,” said Marchionne.

“Alfa Romeo, more than our customer teams, could offer them that space.” referring to Haas and Sauber, their current customer teams.

He conceded though that any Alfa return would have to be on the bac of their road car division and the sales of the Guilia and Stelvio.

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