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Advantage Rosberg, but for how long?

Nico Rosberg has retaken the lead of the World Championship by virtue of the win in Singapore, but really how much of an advantage is that for the German over Lewis Hamilton?

We have to remember that Lewis has already taken pain, gaining an extra two engines for the run into the end of the season. That’s one ahead of Rosberg, and although there are no indications that his engine could expire anytime soon, it gives the British driver an upper hand with extra power in the locker. Yes, there is always the case that Rosberg could take some pain himself later in the season and introduce an engine that is even better spec adding even more into the mix.

Now winning three races in a row, the momentum is squarely at the door of Nico. In sport momentum is the key thing, consistently being ahead of your nearest competition and it could be the momentum he has made over the summer break which could see him through to the end of the season. We saw that with Sebastian Vettel in 2013, although he had a car advantage over the rest of the field, but it was in similar circumstances before the sport heads into yet another era.

Mercedes do everything they can though to keep things equal, and it was a challenging weekend for Lewis where he just couldn’t string everything together. He can’t afford many of those between now and the end of the season, although races like Austin and Suzuka should play to his advantage.

Its not over, and there are going to be several twists and turns to come…

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