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Hamilton sees nothing controversial in accident

Lewis Hamilton stated after the race in the drivers press conference that he didn’t see anything controversial in the last lap clash with his teammate, which saw Rosberg drop from the lead to fourth.

The British driver, who led from the start was forced to change strategy which left him behind Nico Rosberg after the first pit stop was closing in the final stages. Upon exiting the first corner, Hamilton got the more speed, and was ahead on the outside of turn 2, when Rosberg kept going.

Rosberg lost his front wing in the accident, which then folded under the car, loosing speed and caused him to lose position to Verstappen and Raikkonen who were battling behind.

Hamilton said in the press conference, “Nico made a mistake into Turn One. You know, we were racing right until the last lap. He made a mistake, clipped the inside kerb and went wide and I got a good run on him up to Turn Two.

“He blocked the inside, so the only place I could go was down the outside. So I was on the racing line. He was in my blind spot, so I assumed he was still there, so I went very wide, left him plenty of room and as I started to turn – I was at the edge of the track – he collided with me.

“My guys said that he had something up with the brakes, maybe. So I’m not quite sure exactly what happened. Then I came back onto the track as quick as I could. It was very close between us there. If he did have a brake problem it would be the reason he lifted off really early down the next straight, which we were racing on.

“But for me it was exciting because… I mean I don’t understand exactly how I ended up being second. I was in the lead and then I guess the safety car kind of brought it into that position.

“But I never gave up. I pushed all the way. I knew I needed those points. I knew that I have some incredible fans here supporting. Some of them have come a long way. So I did everything I could to not give up and to push all the way.”

The has now reduced between Rosberg and Hamilton at the top of the standing to 11 points.

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